Is Twitter Moments going to be a success?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor twitter moments

Twitter Moments is the latest future released by Twitter. The main goal of Moments is to compete with big players like Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter Moments is already launched in several countries and is now coming to the Netherlands (Gulden, 2016). Twitter Moments is the medium Twitter is going to use in order to make the social media channel more personalized and give Twitter the boost they need (Gils, 2016).

Moments gives Brands and persons the chance to storytelling. Brands can create a certain image about themselves with the help of Twitter Moments. Your followers are constantly updated with the latest news around you or your company (Twitter, 2016). This looks like a good deed from Twitter in order to stimulate their current users  and to make Twitter attractive again to the large public.

But is this a good move?

Twitter started as one of the biggest social media channels competing with guys like Facebook. Twitter is still huge looking at the amount of users, but the popularity of Twitter is falling (Ratclif, 2016). Not only the stats tell the truth. Two years ago, looking at myself, I was quite an intensive user of Twitter. Always looking for updates and I was also interested in sending my own thought into the world. Nowadays I have the Twitter app, but I haven’t used the app for half a year now, because I use other channels instead (Facebook and Snapchat e.g.).

It is therefore good for Twitter to make this move in order to stimulate the public again to use Twitter as one of their main social media channels. But is this move too late? I believe so. People already moved their interests to other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Just copying things what they did will not move people to use Twitter instead of Snapchat or Instagram.

Therefore I think it is good that Twitter is changing itself, but I believe they need to come up with other creative ideas rather than following their rivals. Because if they continue this way Twitter will always be falling behind their competitors.


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