How does the future look like for online marketing with Google?


9509d1242892723-google-2020-205b8uw.jpg (477×394)

Google Inc. Is one of the most innovating companies in the world. Google is innovating in all kinds of fields. Think of the Google Car (Rean, 2016). After visiting a seminar about Google (Tsolodimos, 2016) today I was really keen to find out more about Google. We got an inside in Google and what they have to offer in the field of online marketing. Think of Google Analytics and Google Trends.

So what does the future bring for online marketing?

Of course Big Data always will be a leading factor in the future of online marketing (Chaffey, 2016). This is necessary in order to give the person a personal approach. But how is this going to change with innovative ideas coming up like 3D mapping (Rean, 2016). With such techniques Google can offer you very personal offers in a 3D world.

If everyone is later walking with a Google Glass (E learning industry, 2016) companies can offer you information on side and can make advertisements on your location. This gives online marketing a whole new insight. Not only advertisements. Think of social media channels on the Google Glass, everything can be shared more often and faster.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor google and future

Just looking at just these two subjects, one thing is sure. Online Marketing will adapt very quickly the upcoming years and Google will most likely be the leader in these innovations. The future looks very interesting for companies, because they are being offered a whole new way of advertising to their customers.


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