How will Google Plus be used in the future?

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(Google , 2016)

Google Plus was once launched as one of the newest innovations in the field of social media. But is there going to be an end to the era of Google Plus?

Last month Google announced some updates (Hooge, 2016) for its social media channel regarding the following things:

  • Conversations now allows you to easily talk and comment with other people on Google Plus. It is now for example able to post videos and photos in your comment on a post in Google Plus.
  • You can now also approve comments just like on YouTube.
  • Notifications will be easily noticeable.
  • Last but not least. Google introduces a new design for Google Plus.

But are these updates the way for Google to make its social network a success?

Google says that is has got 300 million active users around the world (Statista, 2016). But is this true? For myself, I know that a lot of people have a Google Plus account, but when I ask about it 9 of 10 people say that they never use it.

In comparison with other big platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WeChat, Google Plus is nowhere to be seen. Facebook is the world largest social media platform with over 1,700 million active users (Statista , 2014) followed by Whatsapp and QQ.

Is Google Plus going to survive the next decade?

Google Plus has got some advantages for businesses, because they can easily measure their followers with the help of the great Google Analytics (Duke, 2015). But the other social media channels have adapted. Facebook and Twitter also offer you great analytic tools for you to monitor your page and campaigns, so this USP has disappeared.

With hardly any active users and no real USP’s for companies to use it I come to the following conclusion. However Google Plus started as a new and interesting social media channel, nowadays Google Plus has lost its interesting facts and is falling behind the other social media channels. Therefore I believe that Google Plus won’t exist anymore during the next decade.

google-plus-graveyard-600.jpg (600×300)

(Marketingland, 2016)


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