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Wanelo? Wanelo is a new social media platform, which can be really big in the upcoming years. Wanelo stands for “Want, Need and Love” (DeMers, 2015). Wanelo is a shopping app on your mobile phone which offers you all kinds of products. Wanelo wants to bring the mall to your smartphone (Wanelo, 2016). Where an average mall has got 150 stores, Wanelo offers you 550.000 stores :O.Wanelo-Trending.jpg (640×818)

These stores offer you 30 million products, a huge amount. All the big brands are represented in the app. This was very important when the app was founded, because Wanelo wants to replace the offline mall and turn it all in the app. There are a lot of other apps, who do something similar. So your question might be: Why is Wanelo different?

Wanelo hasn’t only got an enormous amount of products you can buy, you also can save stores for your offline visits and to make shopping online easier for you. You can also see the reviews of millions of other users. Your friends also play an important role in Wanelo. They can recommend certain stores and products and they can alert you to buy products there.

Wanelo is available on the Google Play Store and on IOS (Wanelo, 2016). There are some really interesting facts regarding Wanelo (Expanded Ramblings, 2016). Wanelo has got a user base of 11 million. 90% of these users are female. 85% of the users access the app via mobile and spend around 50 minutes per day on the app. Another interesting fact is that 90% of the users are American citizens. This means that Wanelo is huge in the States, but not in other parts of the world.

Wanelo is reviewed very positively by its users. On the Google Play Store Wanelo gets a stunning 4,7 stars of 5 (Google Play Store, 2016). People praise Wanelo’s simple organized and is well-suited for teens who are not only willing to shop online, but also for those who want to share their stories with the products they bought.

So is Wanelo going to take over the world?

Wanelo is currently very successful in the United States, but is the same strategy going to work in other continents like Europe? Wanelo offers a unique concept, because Wanelo combines shopping with social media. But with big players like Google and Facebook, who already offer Google Shopping and Facebook Shopping Wanelo has got some big competitors in the near future. Wanelo also looks like Pinterest, where you can “pin” photos and videos. This is also an option on Wanelo and it looks very similar.

Therefore I think Wanelo has certainly potential and the idea is very creative, but it always has to compete against big players like Google. Not only that, there already comparison websites available to the public. With such a huge amount of competitors it will be difficult for Wanelo to stay unique and to increase their services to other continents.


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