SEA, an interesting insight in the world of advertising

(MKB clickservice, 2016)

After visiting a seminar last Tuesday about SEA (Search Engine Advertising) we got an interesting insight into one of the biggest cashcows of Google and one of the most used advertising programmes. We all know SEA. Whenever you type something in Google or your browser you can see the ads at the top of the search results. Companies pay a lot in order to become the first search result. But bidding money isn’t the most important factor.

The first thing where a campaign starts is the customer journey (Neve, 2016). Firstly, you will have to consider the way of advertising, which suits the best for your company. Think of certain platforms (YouTube, Google search) and the type of ad (Banner of commercial on YouTube). This is the first step in the advertising process.

After you figured out your campaign it is then important to figure out your audience, your image and the ad itself. Questions like “How am I going to pursue people?” are things that are important to imagine the ad you are going to display to your targeted audience. When this is done you can specially target your audience by determine search words with the help of the Google Keywordplanner (Google, 2016). These things are very important, because if this is done correctly you will most likely reach the targeted audience and rule out the “unwanted” traffic.

But how does the bidding process look like?

A common mistake is made when people think that SEA is all about money (Google , 2016). Google not only looks at the highest bid, but quality is another important factor. Google looks at several important aspects of the ad and Google also looks at the landing page. All these factors result in an ad rank. An ad rank is build up from the following things (Neve, 2016):

  • Relevance ( So if people click on your ad do they find the information they are looking for?)
  • Easy navigation
  • Transparency ( Clear information, disclaimer. No additional costs if you click on something without a warning)
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page Experience

All these factors are really important besides the bid to become the top ad in the search results.

But is it worth it?

SEA is a very interesting thing, but costly to do. You will definitely increase the traffic on your website and most likely the CTR and conversion. SEO is free, but a slow process and SEA results in quick success. This the consideration you have to make. It can be worth it, if it suits the strategy of your company.


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