Snapchat and its future

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor snapchat

I think we all know Snapchat. When it was launched it was seen as one of the newest and most fun ways to let your friends know where you are and what you are doing. Snapchat was released in 2011 and has been explosively growing ever since (Wikipedia, 2016). But not everything went well in the past for Snapchat Inc. One of the most interesting things for Snapchat is privacy. Snapchat got a warning in 2014 for violating the privacy rights of its users. Therefore one important thing in the future is to consider the privacy rights of the users.

So what has happened in all these years?

Snapchat has changed a lot since its release. First Snapchat released filters for selfies. This added a fun touch for taking selfies. Snapchat tries to update these filters regularly in order to keep their crowd interested in using Snapchat. Not only did Snapchat introduce filters to their app (Martin, 2016). Also fun things like a face swap and voice change made the app a lot of fun. Also adding snapchat filters in videos gave the app a lot more depth.

The latest big update released by Snapchat is an advertising model for companies (Gils, 2016). Big companies like CNN and Cosmopolitan post several news / magazine stories in this section where people can view them. This update is an addition to another side of the story page on the app. There was already a certain place at the top of this page where big events like music events were shared with each other. Thus, the update now also offers companies to tell their stories to the users of Snapchat.

What can we expect in the future?Afbeeldingsresultaat voor future of snapchat

Snapchat is very interesting for companies, who have a young target group. Now Snapchat is mostly used to tell people the story of a company, but there are a lot of other possibilities for companies to use Snapchat. Think of the previously mentioned story page. Now it is already used for big companies to share news stories and magazine articles. But what if these stories can be localized (Rehwald, 2016)? This means that you can see the stories of companies in your area.

Not only storytelling will be important. Think of a new way of advertising. Companies can share ads in their stories to attract customers who are nearby their store. This is the business side of the story.

There can be also a lot of interesting things for the users. Think of Augmented Reality if you take selfies or photographs. Not only can AR play an important role in the future of Snapchat. Think also of 360 degrees videos. These are just two things, which can be reality soon in a new Snapchat update.

One thing will be sure, Snapchat will always surprise us with their latest innovations….


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