Gaming is taking over the world

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Gaming is really taking over the world. Several stars have risen and have become very successful making videos for their fans. YouTube and Twitch are the leading platforms for gamers to share their videos with everybody on the web. To give you an indication how big the online gaming industry is, think of this example. On Twitch only there are about 45 Million visitors who actively share or follow gamers channels (Twitch Tv, 2016). And there are lots of other platforms, which are intensively used by the gaming community.

But how can certain gamers make so much money?

Examples of really famous gamers are PewDiePie, Vanossgaming and KyrSpeedy (Newzeditor, 2015). These gamers have for example over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and millions on Twitter. So how did these gamers become successful? That is very easy. They started posting their videos on YouTube and people liked them. Most of these gamers started 7 or 8 years ago and increased their follower base slowly. Now that social media is booming, it is easier for them to extend their follower base on different social media channels like Twitter and Twitch.

Gamers rely on three types of income. The first one are donations. If look for example at a Twitch video, you will most likely be asked by the gamer if you want to donate money to their account so they can keep playing (Twitch Tv, 2016).

The second one is the biggest income stream for popular gamers. These are of course ads. Think of YouTube
advertising, but also on Twitch for example. Companies can find Gamers channels very interesting for an ad, because you can reach a lot of potential customers with these ads. Big YouTube gamers like Vanoss (almost 19 million subscribers) and PewDiePie (48 million subscribers) have such a huge crowd that it is very interesting for companies to show an ad there, if that is their targeted audience.
pewdiepieThe third and last important income stream is working together with gaming companies like Ubisoft and Activision. These companies invite popular gamers to test games for them and stream them online. This is a great way for these companies to get an impression how the crowd is reacting to their new game.

These are just three sorts of income. There are a lot more things gamers do to get their income. One thing is sure, some of these gamers have become millionaires by doing what they like: Playing games.


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