Marketing Automation in Email Marketing

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor email marketingEmail marketing is a vital piece in the tool kit of an online marketeer. Email marketing allows online marketeers to increase conversion rates and gives them an option to personally contact (potential) clients. Also giving personal discounts  and newsletters are two of the many options email marketing has to offer.

Several programmes have been developed for companies in order to smoothen the process of email marketing. Think of programmes like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp (Capterra, 2016). These programmes have simple templates, which make it easy to distribute information among clients. Also several statistic programmes are being offered as well as segmentation programmes.

But email marketing can have one big disadvantage if you aren’t using the right system. Email marketing can cost a lot men power, because nothing is automated, which means that every email has to be send individually. This can cost a lot of time and money for a company (Forneris, 2016). Therefore it is important that the email marketing strategy of company is automated.

Marketing Automation?Afbeeldingsresultaat voor marketing automation

Marketing Automation stands for automating the process of email marketing. Marketing Automation exists of three important factors (Christien, 2012):

  • Automating the process of creating digital profiles
  • Creating relevant campaigns regarding these digital profiles
  • Prioritise Leads

These three topics are the cornerstones of Marketing Automation. Creating and automating digital profiles allows companies to create several segments. Think for example of a sport store with an online webshop. With the help of marketing automation, clients can be divided in several segments e.g. different sports. The second topic is just as important as the first one. You can have segmented your digital profiles very well, but if you haven’t got a relevant campaign, time is being lost.

Relevant campaigns are vital for Marketing Automation. It gives companies the option to send personalized offers and newsletters automatically. To come back to the previously mentioned example of the sports store, think for example of a football player who receives an offer to buy football boots with a discount. Most likely the football player will be attracted to this email, because his interests are in the sport football.

The third and last topic is very important for companies, who provide a service or are active in the B2B section (Berg, 2016). This last topic is all about converting leads into clients. One vital aspect plays an important role. This is contentmarketing. As earlier mentioned relevant campaigns and emails are very important in order to convert leads into clients. Marketing Automation can play the deciding role in converting leads, because digital profiles can be separated into different section. In this way the leads can be approached personally and with the right information.

Marketing Automation is the next big thing in Email Marketing and is very important for companies to streamline their operations.


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