Privacy on the web

It is always a difficult issue to talk about. Privacy on social media. We live in a world where people want to share anything, but they are also insecure about what’s happening with their privacy on the web. The latest discussion is about Facebook and WhatsApp (NOS, 2016). WhatsApp is a daughter company of Facebook and is exchanging private data from users to Facebook. This change in data use was intended by Facebook to target advertisements better to their audience. Now some watchdogs at the European Union have decided to warn WhatsApp to stop sending information to Facebook.

So why does this section at the European Union want to stop WhatsApp? WhatsApp made a change in its private terms and this enabled them to send information to Facebook (Redactie Dutchcowboys, 2016). It is possible for users to disable this new feature in the app. But according to Private Information institutions the new update is unclear and does unwanted things to their users. They have warned WhatsApp and urged them to stop sending information to Facebook. The European Union Privacy Board has started an investigation in order to solve this quest between WhatsApp and Facebook.

This discussion is not new. There are always discussions about privacy on the web, not only on social media. Think of email marketing and exchanging databases with client information between companies. The discussion for privacy will never end as it seems.

But is exchanging information so bad?

It is bad if the customer hasn’t given any permission to the company to exchange information, but besides that is actually pretty good. Why? Very simple, exchanging information between companies gives companies the tools to make B2C marketing much more personal and more attractive to consumers (Pomerantz, 2014). Tracking visitors on your website for example gives you the opportunity to optimize your website for your customers. This will eventually improve customer satisfaction. Not only the website can be optimized, also sending personal emails will improve customer satisfaction.

So what can we expect in the future?

Privacy terms will be an important factor in the future. Websites and social media channels will improve their tracking systems in order to improve customer satisfaction by only showing personalized ads. This will lead to new discussions regarding privacy on the web. But what the future holds for us is unknown and we can only guess what will happen. One thing is sure, it will be very interesting.


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