How to make your blog the “Ideal” Blog?


After visiting a seminar today I am really looking forward to share my thoughts with you guys, because this seminar was very useful for me and it could be very useful for you!

Today Marlene Dekkers presented some very interesting sheets about the subject blogging. Marlene Dekkers is a Digital Marketing expert and she has won the Digital Marketing Professional award in 2013 (Marlene Dekkers, 2016). Now she has her own company called MarketingAccent and she is giving online marketing advice to B2B companies. Furthermore, she is a popular blogger.

So which things are important to make your blog the “ideal” blog?

Blogs are an interesting tool for marketers, because blogs offer you the tools to do a little bit of inbound marketing (Dekkers, 2016). Inbound Marketing you might say? Inbound marketing is a marketing tool that reverses normal marketing. Normal marketing is based on sending information to your customers, but in case of inbound marketing it is the opposite. Inbound marketing means that customers and visitors are coming to you instead of going to customers online.

Target your blog to the right audience!

It is very important if you write a blog to target your blog to the right visitors (Sprung, 2016). For example, if you want to write articles for a younger audience then you will have to write like that, so that is appealing to this group. Think of interesting subjects so that you can captivate your audience.

Sharing and Interacting

Ones you have written your blog the process doesn’t stop, it begins. Start sharing your blog across social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. It also important what the purpose is of your blog. If you want to interact, you will have to make sure that there is a clear Call-to-Action in your blog, so readers are triggered to react and interact with you.

Tips For writing the “ideal” blog

Marlene Dekkers also gived us some useful tips on how to write the perfect blog. Here is a short list with some cool tips:giphy-3

  • Make sure your blog is going about recent subjects
  • Make sure your blog is also visually looking good
  • Make sure that people are liking the things they are reading
  • Call-to-action (whitepaper, follow me, Share)

There are more things that can make your blog the perfect blog, but this is just a small recap from the lecture.

Facts why blogging is necessary

To round up things, here are some interesting facts why blogging is necessary for your company:

  • 67% more leads are generated by companies who have a blog
  • Score higher in Google Ranks
  • Companies with a blog generate 55% more visitors
  • Cheaper, faster and easily shareable than other online marketing tools


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