Fake stories are going to change social media and Google

Due to the recent elections in the U.S. the discussion was lighten up again. Fake stories on social media were taking over your feed and it was hardly impossible for readers to determine if the stories were real or fake. Facebook recently adapted its algorithm a few weeks ago to get rid of fake stories that became trending on Facebook (Telegraaf, 2016). After Facebook fired some important employees and the new algorithm they thought they had solved it, but with the recent elections as an example the problem still isn’t solved. During the elections several fake stories about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton popped up in the feed of many social media accounts.

Studies have shown that some fake stories actually get a higher IPMelection-campaing (Constine, 2016) (Interaction per a thousand fans) than real stories (Price, 2016). These fake stories are so-called Hoaxes and it really took over social media during the elections in the USA.

Facebook is not the only who is suffering from fake stories

As described in the title of this article not only Facebook is suffering from fake news stories. Think of Twitter where fake stories can be become trends on the social media platform. But not only the biggest social media channels are suffering from fake news stories.

Even the biggest power online namely Google is suffering from fake news stories as well. Fake stories popped up in the top search results and Google is going to change this immediately (NICK WINGFIELD, 2016). Google will not only look at the algorithm for search results, but also for the ad sense system. Rumours also have spread that Google is going to dismiss the news option in the search menu. But this is just based on rumours and most likely Google won’t do that. Changes in the ad sense system will also be very important, because Google wants that online users only get relevant content.


Is this overhyped? Yes of course it is. But isn’t this what we want to read if you know what I mean. People always are looking for sensation and some other users will take advantage of that and will create such stories to feed their public. Some offline magazines are just based on such stories, because people like to read them.

Therefore I believe that even though Google and others will adapt their algorithms fake news stories will occur and will become trending. Why? Because people want it to be trending.

This is my opinion so if you don’t agree with me, no problem I would like to discuss it with you.


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Personas, a must or just nice to have?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor personas

Personas are described as different archetypes selected by the company, which is using them (Schoenmaker, 2016). Every persona is different for each company. But is it necessary for a company to divide its audience into segments?200w

The most important factor in online marketing is Big Data (Yola , 2013). Personas are just one of the things you can get from analysing data from your website. But how many personas is a question and it is dependent of every company. For example if you are a B2B company and you only have to focus on one group making different personas is a waste of time and you could better focus on other aspects like the usability of your website.

Now I am going to give you an example of my personal life. After this example I think you know the reason why making personas is the right thing to do. Currently I am executing an online marketing plan for Bruba Sport. They have an online webshop, which sells Under Armour clothing. It is clear that we have a large audience and this audience is too big to target in one time. So what is the solution? Making Personas of course!

Bruba Sport offers clothing for very different types of sports and it is very handy to separate our audience into different sports. This gives us several advantages:

  • We can now send targeted emails (e.g. discounts for every sport)
  • In a later stage we can optimize the homepage of the webshop for every customer
  • If a client sends Bruba an email, we can immediately see what type of customer he is in order to provide the best help for him

This is our plan for Bruba Sport that we want to execute.

Just with this simple example the importance of making personas can be seen. Most of companies have different target groups and you can target them by group (so better) in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Some useful tips

Now I have fed up you with all the things in my personal life, I think it is time to thank you for reading this article. I have made a list of some useful tips, which can be useful for your organization (Schoenmaker, 6-tips-om-succesvol-met-personas-te-werken, 2016)

Tip 1 First thing first: Why do you need personas

This tip is really important. The first thing you have to do is to make clear why personas are necessary for your organization and how you are going to use them.

Tip 2 Really get to know your personas

It also important when the personas have been made to implement them correctly. The whole marketing department has to know what the persona is and what the ideal way is to target them. If you don’t have the commitment of the department you can just lay your personas in a dusty cabinet.

Tip 3 Find the right balance in the number of personas

Try to fine tune the number of personas you have. Don’t make too many or too few.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and I am also open for an interesting discussion.


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