Google Search Index is going to change dramatically


Google is well-known for its search engine optimization. This means you search something and Google wants to do everything it can in order for you to find the correct information. SEO and SEA exploded and became leading factors within companies all across the world. But now things are going to change. So what is going to happen?

Google is going to change its search index (Ratcliff, 2016). First, Google always looked at desktop websites and on these websites are the basis of the Google search index. This is now going to change, because Google is going to split this index in two. Google will not only look at the desktop index anymore. Google will introduce the mobile index in a couple of months and the mobile index will become the leading index for Google.

Is there a big difference? Yes there is! Now it is the case that your search results are the same on desktop and on mobile (Wilson, 2016). This will change dramatically in the next couple of months, because search results won’t be the same anymore on desktop and mobile. This due to the split in the index, that Google is going to make in their next update. Mobile friendly websites are getting more and more important, because people are using their smartphones more instead of a laptop or desktop computer.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mobile search

In 2015 mobile search surpassed desktop search (RLF, 2016) and this was the first sign for everyone that index could be changed. Google noticed this change and therefore decided to make this big change in index results. This is also the reason for Google to make mobile search index its leading search index.

But is this so dramatic as it seems? Actually not, if look at yourself for example. Everyone is using their smartphone, because it is easy and fast. Google anticipated on this movement very quickly by creating voice based searches and of course the Google app store. With Google’s latest invention the “Pixel” smartphone Google is trying to take a big part of the smartphone market (CNET, 2016). Mobile search is becoming more and more important and Google understands this and therefore they have made this big change.

Companies who want to be at the top of the Google search results will have to undertake some important steps in order to become the top search result. There are three important steps in order to do that (Thierrij, 2016):

  • Make sure that your website is responsive and that the content on your mobile website is equivalent to your desktop website
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)(Loorbach, 2016). AMP stands for a fast load time of your website on a mobile device. This will become important for Google, because they want that a smartphone user is able to read a webpage very quickly. AMP is thus important for your business.
  • Structured Data. This is important for your website in order for the “Mobile Bots” so they can notice your mobile website. Things like URL and Site properties are examples of things that belong to Structured Data.

Google is always one step in front of us and it is our task to keep up with them.


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Which tools are necessary for SEO

seo_word_logo_sign-f.jpg (580×386)

(Creative Market, 2016)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most used tools in online marketing. SEO is free to use and is a very good way to improve your page rank on organic search results. The biggest difference with SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is that SEO is free and SEA isn’t. And other difference is that SEO takes a lot longer to see any results in comparison with SEO.

So what free tools do you have as a company to boost your traffic on your website?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most important free tool for companies to boost their page rank on organic search results. Google Analytics offers you a lot of tools not only to improve search results, but also to measure the traffic on your website. This gives you a proper insight in your website its traffic. Google not only offers you Analytics for free. Google Trends and the Google Web Tools are two other good programmes that can help you to improve your SEO (Edwards, 2013).

Google Trends

So what exactly is Google Trends? Google offers you an insight into real-time search data from customers (365 E-commerce, 2015). You can see how competitors perform and if there is any certain trend going on in organic search results. Just another handy tool that may give just that advantage over your (1650×541)

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can help you a lot to add some keywords to your website. This is actually a SEA tool, but it can be perfectly used for SEO (Bandremer, 2015). Google gives you insights how many people have searched a certain word. This is not an exact number. For example, the word ‘Bike’ has been searched between 100.000 – 1.000.000 times. This can give you a good insight if your company is doing a good job in SEO.


Enough about Google now. There are also a lot of other tools that can help you to improve you SEO strategy. Think of Übersuggest (Clark, 2016), which is a free platform to help you to figure out good keywords for your website. You can type in any word and Übersuggest will automatically give you a lot of options for your website. Very handy and it can help your website a lot!

Outdated Content Findercreate-links-with-outdated-content-finder-5-638.jpg (638×479)

Not only keywords are important for your website. Your content should also be optimized in order to improve your page rankings. To give you a hand to improve this, there is the program Outdated Content Finder (Greenlane SEO, 2016). This program helps you to refresh and update content on your website that had good link and social metrics. This program can help you to get your website to a high position in the search rankings.


You can use every program listed here to improve SEO of your website. But one thing is very important to remember! Have patience. SEO is a very interesting but time consuming thing to do. Don’t expect quick results. SEO is a long-term strategy and it can give your company a lot of new traffic on your website in the long-term. So be patient people!

 Ask Your Customers!

Your customers are also an important source to improve SEO results. You can organise a questionnaire or check the search terms in Google Analytics. Current customers can give you an insight in their customer journey. Results might be that they can give you added information like new keywords.

There are a lot of free tools out there to improve the page rankings of your website. All you got to do is to start!


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